Brand Story

Nowadays, everyone wants to make a fashion statement, but what exactly are the clothes you’re wearing saying? Can’t Deny is a brand that allows your voice to be seen and not just heard. Our brand was built from the dreams of an African American man who realized there was an immense number of underrepresented matters not getting the attention they deserved, and he wanted to create an avenue for them to be expressed. He tapped his brother to join this venture to make the dream a reality.  Can’t Deny is a socially responsive brand that spotlights diversity, social justice, and reform. It gives a voice to the voiceless and brings awareness to the many issues some don’t know exist. Not only does the brand promote these issues, but it also contributes to the cause. Can’t Deny donates a percentage of the proceeds from some of its statement pieces to aligned organizations. Be a part of the movement don’t just cheer on the side, and make sure you say something they Can’t Deny.

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